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Vision & Accomplishments

Legislative Record


Ed is a practical, determined and collaborative leader who has served his constituents with distinction.

- Amy Kuhn, Town Councilor Falmouth

I've known Ed both personally and professionally for years. He's a man of high character and integrity who gets the job done.

- Dave Brenerman, Former City Councilor/Mayor of Portland

Ed brings a thoughtful and collegial approach to policy issues and is a tireless advocate for his constituents.

- Kimberly Cook, City Councilor District 5 (North Deering)

Ed brings a wealth of experience to the Maine Legislature. Whether it be running his small bsuiness or his keen interest in addressing systemic poverty, Ed is a determined problem-solver. I had the pleasure of serving with Ed on committee and I could always count on him to ask the right questions to get us closer to solutions for Maine people. He's the kind of leader we need in Augusta.

- Ryan Fecteau, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives

For the last four years I have observed Ed bring a thoughtful and balanced voice to the Maine legislature on behalf of Portland and Falmouth. Ed takes the time to learn all sides of an issue and he is focused on representing the best interests of his constituents. 

- James Cohen, Former Mayor of Portland

Ed knows his constituents well as a longtime resident of our district, and he brings his unique life and business experiences to bear in all of his legislative work. We need his voice in Augusta.

- Heather Sanborn, State Senator Portland

We need Ed's notable life and business experiences serving Maine. From welfare kid growing up on Munjoy Hill, the youngest of eight to a single mom, to a successful businessman leading iconic multiple Maine companies, Ed gets it. The legislature needs more analytical and pragmatic leaders like him.

- Cathy Breen, State Senator Falmouth

During the past four years, Ed has been a strong voice for Portland in Augusta and he provides a valuable perspective on economic development policies. I have worked with Ed on education issues and found him well-informed and collaborative.

Ed Crockett has done amazing work in the State Legislature on behalf of House District 112. His experience and expertise will be critical to ensuring our state recovers and our economy is as strong as it can be.

- Teresa Pierce, State Representative Falmouth

- Mike Brennan, State Representative Portland

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