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Creating Opportunities
for all Mainers.

I take great pride in engaging with my community and am humbled and honored to serve in Augusta.

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Proudly serving the 112th District

To include Portland and parts of Falmouth


Ed on the Issues


Education is the key to a meaningful and opportunity-filled future. Ed believes in investing in our student’s future by supporting Maine's public education, addressing stifling college/university debts, and creating more opportunities for the next generation to succeed. 

Maine's Environment

Maine's natural beauty and pristine ecosystem is what makes our state special. Ed believes in supporting legislation that protects wildlife, promotes smart renewable energy alternatives, and preserves our landscape to keep Maine, Maine.


Mainers should have access to the best healthcare in the county. Ed believes in caring for our neighbors by ensuring all Mainers have affordable, high-quality, and long-term healthcare options.

Local Relief

Building a life in Maine is special. Whether you're starting a business or raising a family, Ed believes in smart property tax reform to continue making our great state the way life should be.

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